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Rainwater is practically gold from the heavens especially now, with a worsening water crisis globally that is projected to only skyrocket due to issues like soil erosion, poor water conservation, global warming, and overpopulation only serving to exacerbate it. People have come up with all sorts of solutions, ones that will take years to implement, but there is one that has been used for millennia that could hold back the water crisis and reduce the strain on our infrastructure and that is the use of rain barrels.


With rain barrels, you can collect rainwater coming through gutter downspouts and the roof to be used elsewhere in the home for menial tasks such as washing, cleaning, and gathering, instead of spending money on exorbitant water bills. Here we will be highlighting some of the benefits of using a rain barrel.

1. Conserves Water During Drought

Drought is a civilization killer and has been responsible for burying many great civilizations into the sands of time, some forgotten due to the current water crisis due to poor water conservation, global warming, and overpopulation, we might just be approaching another drought and this time, it might not be secluded to just one area, but globally. But that is a case still times off, let’s focus on the now in which some communities and countries are already suffering from drought. 

Getting a rain barrel, collecting nature’s gift, and storing it will give you something to fall back on in situations of drought or breakdown of water infrastructure.

2. Reduce the Cost of Water Bills

Even if you don’t care about the environmental impact or preparing for in this case, ‘dry days’, you must care about your wallet and that is a good enough reason to get a rain barrel. Sure, you shouldn’t use them for drinking or cooking since they tend to collect bacteria and harmful aerosols, but they can be used for a variety of tasks around the house. Tasks such as cleaning, washing your car, and watering plants. Every gallon of rainwater used for these activities is one you don’t have to pay for. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that using a rain barrel saves up to 1300 gallons of water yearly. An average American uses about 100 gallons per day, that is 36500 every year. This translates to a 3.56% reduction due to the rain barrel and since the average cost of water bills in an American home is around $1000 yearly, the rain barrels end up saving a total of $35.6.

3. Reduces Strain on Water Infrastructure

Water is used for all sorts of things, not just domestic. It is used in agriculture, manufacturing, and even IT for cooling massive server farms. This goes to show that for any country that homes to grow, a robust water infrastructure is needed, and overpopulation and poor conservation efforts are sure to put a lot of strain on this infrastructure. But by shifting to using rainwater for some of our activities, it is possible to reduce the strain on the infrastructure.

4. Reduces Stormwater Runoff

Rainwater collection can not only be useful to the household, but it can also help the community by catching stormwater runoff before it can cause serious problems. Stormwater runoff is bad because it can collect debris like leaves, sticks, and mud which can then clog storm sewers, leading to flooding they are also responsible for carrying pollution from contaminants such as pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and industrial waste.

5. Prevents Soil Erosion and Flooding

By preventing stormwater runoff, you can also prevent flooding in situations where you get heavy rainfall greater than the norm, you might begin to notice puddles in your yard. This heavy rainfall causes soil erosion and soil erosion is bad as it damages your yard, strips nutrients off your soil, and can lead to more flooding.


Using too many rain barrels to collect water can negatively affect the water cycle of your community, depriving lakes and rivers of water that would have eventually evaporated. This act can lead to the drying up of lakes and ponds if taken to the extreme.


If you are looking for the rain barrel of your choice and need help with your water conservation efforts, contact us today for a free estimate, we are ready to be of assistance to you.