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Experience the Power of High-Capacity Rain Barrels

The use of rain barrels has many benefits, which include saving money and conserving water. The Gutter Queen professionals provide and install rain barrels for Marlborough, MA residents and homeowners. Rain barrels are large containers that capture and store water that drains through your downspouts or rain chains from your rooftop gutter when it rains. The water collects in barrels that typically hold between forty and eighty gallons. Rain barrels contain a spigot for garden hose attachments, and they have an overflow device to ensure that water moves away from the foundation of your home when the barrel is full. Each container usually has a lid or covering to prevent mosquitos, debris, and critters from entering your barrel. Our team installs high-capacity rain barrels so you can experience all their attractive benefits.

Rain Barrel Installation in Marlborough & Sudbury, MA

Why Should I Have Rain Barrels Installed?

Rain barrels come in various sizes and styles to accommodate the amount of rainfall you experience and your outdoor aesthetic. During each rain event, your rain barrels will collect water that runs off your roof and down your home’s rain chains or downspouts. Our rain barrel installation services are a cost-effective way to save money, preserve your landscaping, and protect the foundation of your home.

The Benefits of Rain Barrels

Save Money

With rain barrels, you will see a reduction in your water bill. You will no longer have to use extra water for gardening or to fill your outdoor water features. You can use the water collected in your barrels instead.

Reduce Erosion and Runoff

As the water collects in your new containers, it stops the rainfall from eroding the dirt in your yard. The water collection also prevents water that carries harmful pesticides and contaminants from flowing into drains, rivers, and lakes. Runoff water can create dangerous aquatic environments for both humans and marine life.

Promote Plant Life

Highly oxygenated rainwater is perfect for watering your plants, trees, and shrubbery. Rainwater is free of salts and fluoride that regular tap water contains. The collection of rainwater in your barrels is a great way to make your greenery drought resistant and fully hydrated.

Conserve Water

In the event that there is a drought or water shortage near you, you won't have to worry about not having a water source with rain barrels. Rain barrels store gallons of water for when you need it most.

Reuse Water

The collected rainwater can be used for many things. You can use your rain barrel water to water your greenery, clean your windows, wash your car, fill your water features, and much more. Rainwater is soft water and is free from harmful elements, so it is safe enough to use on your car's paint.

Protect Your Home

Harvesting rainwater directly from downspouts and rain chains prevents excess water from pooling around your home's foundation. An accurate gutter and rain barrel system is vital to keeping your home structurally sound.

Preserve Drinking Water

When you use rainwater for gardening and washing rather than tap water, you preserve safe drinking water. It is estimated that about 30% of drinking water is applied for outdoor uses instead of for drinking.

Save Money and Protect Your Home

With Gutter Queen‘s rain barrels, you will see their benefits in your wallet and around the outside of your home. Our gutter professionals accurately install rain barrels to enhance the way you utilize rainwater resources. With rain barrels, you can preserve drinking water, reduce water bills, take care of your greenery, prevent soil erosion, and keep your home’s foundation safe and sound. Our team will help guide you through the different sizes and types of rain barrels to help you get exactly what you need. With the rain in Massachusetts, rain barrels are a smart, cost-effective way to conserve and reuse rainwater. Contact us today to learn more about how you can protect your lawn and harness the power of your gutter system with our high-capacity rain barrels.

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