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When choosing new gutters, there are many options,  including shape, size, material, and cost. While the lower cost materials in new gutters will get the job done initially, using more durable gutter materials will help them to last longer and look better.

Gutter Materials

There are several different materials commonly used to make gutters:

  • Aluminum – This is the most popular gutter material. It’s lightweight, easy to install, resists corrosion, is available in virtually any color, and is usually the least expensive option.
  • Stainless steel-Uncoated steel will rust but steel gutters are coated with layers of aluminum and zinc, which prevents rust from forming. Steel is more expensive than aluminum.
  • Galvanized steel-although the galvanizing process uses zinc to coat the steel, rust can still be a problem.
  • Zinc-these gutters are strong and durable and generally don’t need painting or finishing
  • Vinyl-vinyl gutters are inexpensive and available in a broad range of colors. Although they’re one of the least expensive types of gutters, they’re not as durable as gutters made from other materials, so they’ll have to be replaced more often, which may negate the advantage of upfront price savings.
  • Copper-this is the most expensive material to use for gutters, but copper gutters are extremely durable and attractive. Compared to other materials, copper is harder to work with. The seams for copper gutters are soldered rather than being attached with rivets or screws and require expert installation.

How Important is Gauge?

Gauge refers to the thickness of the material gutters are made from and is an essential factor to consider when purchasing gutters. Common sense would tell you that thicker is better, and that’s true. The most common gauge available in home improvement stores is .025, but most professional gutter companies don’t use that, because the thinner material tends to deteriorate at a faster pace. A commercial gutter company will use gutter material with gauges of .027 or .032. While .032 gauge gutters may cost more, they’re more durable. They’re resistant to dents or dings and will have a straight sleek look for longer.

Check with the Pros

When selecting the style and materials for your gutter installation, it’s best to work with a professional gutter company. They can advise you on the options for your home taking into consideration your climate as well as your budget to produce the best results.

At Gutter Queen, our goal is to meet all your gutter needs. We provide comprehensive gutter services to the Metrowest area and greater Boston residents so that you can get everything you need from one business. In addition to installing and repairing seamless gutters, we install gutter guards, rain barrels, and rain chains. Our team of professionals strives to make your gutter system as flawless as it can be. For more information about the products and services we offer, please visit our website or contact us at 978-293-3771. We look forward to meeting you!