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Let’s face it, no one enjoys cleaning their gutters. It’s a dirty job, you have be up on a ladder, sometimes for hours, and it’s a good way to spoil a perfectly good Saturday afternoon! What if there was a product that could eliminate the need for cleaning your gutters?

Well, the good news is that yes, there are products available that will help to protect your gutters from clogging…gutter guards. These are devices that are installed over your gutters to allow rainwater to entire your gutters while keeping leaves and other debris from getting in. While nothing is perfect and gutter guards won’t TOTALLY eliminate the need to clean your gutters, they can make it a less frequent chore Systems to complete.

Types of Gutter Protection Systems

  • Reverse curve- this system is designed to direct water downward into the gutter through a small slit while allowing leaves and other debris to fall to the ground.
  • Mesh-these are screens that you put over your gutters. They have tiny holes to let water pass through but to keep leaves out.
  • Bottle brush-these are similar to the pokey bristles that keep birds from landing on things like statues. The bristles face upright so that debris can rest on top while water flows into the downspout.
  • Nylon gutter guards-these fit into your gutters without attaching to the shingles. They’re especially good to prevent snow and ice accumulation in the winter.
  • Non-gutter covers-these actually replace your gutters with a set of thin louvers that divert rain off the roof.
  • Foam-porous foam is designed to fill your gutters so that no debris can get in. Rainwater flows through the foam and nito the downspout.

While all of these designs have their strengths, they all share one weakness-you still need to clean your gutters from time to time, just not as often. Each of these systems takes a different approach to keeping your gutters clean, but your gutters can still clog. You’ll need to remove the gutter guards occasionally, clean them off, clear your gutters, and reinstall the gutter guards.


Gutter guard systems can be quite effective in keeping your gutters clean and running free, but just like everything in your home, they’ll still need some periodic maintenance. For expert advice regarding gutter guards or anything else having to do with gutters, check with the experts at Gutter Queen.

At Gutter Queen, our goal is to meet all your gutter needs. We provide comprehensive gutter services to the Metrowest area and greater Boston residents so that you can get everything you need from one business. In addition to installing and repairing seamless gutters, we install gutter guards, rain barrels, and rain chains. Our team of professionals strives to make your gutter system as flawless as it can be. For more information about the products and services we offer, please visit our website or contact us at 978-293-3771. We look forward to meeting you!